2 Peas Challenge - Favourite Comedian

I love the challenges scrapladyb posts on the Monday Blog challenge on the 2 Peas Board. I LOVE comedians, both male and female. I will choose a funny book or movie over a love story or scary story every day of the week. In fact when I did the "which twelve people would you have to dinner" quiz only four of them weren't comedians, but one of that four is a good comic actress.

So my penchant for everything funny brings me to my favourite comedian..... Now I love the work of some very fine Australian comic's and some outstanding Americans.... BUT for my money it's Billy Connolly all the way!

I laugh so much when I watch him, I've even fallen off my chair. My husband also finds him funny but unfortunately he can't understand a word Billy says (it's the accent you know) so now he lets me watch him and then I go repeat all the best bits for him. I haven't seen him in person but would love to...

I recently read the book Billy's wife Pamela wrote about Billy turning 60 and that was also funny! It was a lovely book because it made me feel like I was getting to know him .... It showed his endearing qualities as well as his foibles and was written in such a way that you were being introduced to him piece by piece.

He pops up all over the place. There was a very funny story about him on the set of "Mrs Brown" in Dame Judi Dench's biography that had me laughing for ages.....

If you haven't seen Billy take his kit off and skip around a large monolithic rock then you won't understand how spontaneous and funny he is, but this story in Dame Judi's biography mentioned all of that plus the fact that the water was very cold and he had to take his nipple ring out and the hole closed up..... Well I guess you had to be there!

The second part of the challenge is to say why this comedian is your favourite..... Is that possible? I mean it's just cause he makes me laugh. I can't identify what it is about him I find so funny... maybe its the Scottish heritage I carry that identifies with him I don't know! I just know he's funny and makes me laugh ALOT!


Anonymous said…
I love Chris Rock. "He rocks!".

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