Rainy Day Scrapbooking Projects

by: Jane Karwoski

With the holidays approaching, it is time to think about visiting with friends, participating in family gatherings and creating special gifts for our loved ones. The memories of Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas gift giving remind us of the special times in our lives when we catch up on family news and visit with old friends.

With the colder weather, shorter days and lots of time spent indoors, now is the time to start your scrapbooking project. What better way is there to spend a rainy day than to dig out all those old photos, children's artwork and long kept treasures from vacations, birthdays and special occasions and begin working on a scrapbook. Scrapbooks make great gifts and also provide a way for us to share our life with others. Of course, some of us have to dig pretty far down to find these things which may have been kept in several different boxes and placed throughout the house over the years.

Where do you begin? Well, the first step is to look through all the things you have collected over time and decide what you want to keep. Next, decide what theme to make your scrapbook pages about. What is the overall purpose of the project? Who is it for? Or perhaps you would like to make several scrapbooks for various family members. The answers to these questions will help you select an appropriate theme for your creative endeavor.

Grandmother would love a scrapbook with a collection of photos of the grandchildren; perhaps creating a book with each child as the theme. Include a few of their art projects and cute photos for each scrapbook. Let each child be involved in the project, selecting their favorite color for the background. Ask them to pick out their own embellishments, paper, rubber stamps, and help create the overall design of the scrapbook. Your sister or brother would love a scrapbook with all the latest pictures of each child, collage-style. Try adding lot's of text to your scrapbook and let each child help in composing the words in their own handwriting.

Friends would love a small scrapbook of current photos of your spouse, children, etc. It is best to arrange the photos in chronological order. Also, try including some pictures of past adventures you have shared with them. If you were high school or college pals, find some pictures of your school years and make a collage using the best photos and add some school memorabilia (if you have any) to your scrapbook.

The use of dark colored backgrounds makes a nice backdrop for photos. Experiment with photo editing software for your digital photos and print out photos on photo paper. Remember to use acid-free and lignin free paper for long lasting prints.

Creating scrapbooks on rainy or snowy days is a great way to pass the time and an enjoyable experience for the entire family.

Jane Karwoski is publisher of the e-book, "Scrapbooking Made Easy"

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