Hot Tub Maintenance

If you know anyone who owns a house with a pool, you have probably heard horror stories from them about a time (or worse, a bunch of times) when one little mistake - maybe forgetting to add certain chemicals, or maybe adding too much or too little of a chemical - put their pool out of commission for weeks. Many people imagine, on the other hand that hot tubs must be a dream to take care of compared to pools. After all, hot tubs are a lot smaller than pools. That must make a difference. Plus, you don't have the sun shining on your hot tub all day. Hot tub maintenance is probably the easiest thing in the world; you can probably mess up all the time with your hot tub and it won't even matter, right? Actually, this is absolutely wrong.

It is far more important that you keep up with hot tub maintenance, and hot tub maintenance is also far more tedious. Because there is less water in a hot tub - instead of making it easier than a pool - it actually makes it more difficult, because the levels can become unbalanced far more easily. If you are a current or future hot tub owner, just remember this: The best way to keep up with your tedious hot tub maintenance is to keep a schedule.

When you keep a hot tub schedule, there will be things you need to do each day, things you need to do each week, and things you will have to do each month. Among your daily maintenance items is balancing the pH levels in the hot tub. As long as the levels are balanced, you will not need to do any additional work as far as this goes, and it does not take long at all. Things can swing drastically out of balance in a short span of time, however, which is why checking it daily is important. Also, you should plan to check the waterline each day, or at least every couple days. Weekly, you need to make sure you add all the important products such as oxidizer, non-chlorine shock, and foam reducer. You can remember to do this weekly by setting a day on which you will always do it each week. Finally, as for your monthly tasks, you should plan to give your hot tub's filters a thorough cleaning.

You, your family, and your friends can all have a lot of fun with your hot tub. And it can be easy to take care of a hot tub, as long as you are consistent in taking care of it. But if you fail to keep up with this simple maintenance, your hot tub is not likely to be any fun at all!