Keep Your Kids Active with a Portable Basketball System

The spring is here and that means that the NBA playoffs are being played to determine a new champion. The NBA has just completed one of the best regular seasons in history. The NBA has more superstars than it has had since the mid-1990s thanks to a recent influx of talent that the league has enjoyed. It also has a true villainous team in Miami; a trifecta of players that didn’t want the burden of winning a championship with a team that was truly theirs.

These factors lead many to believe that the postseason will be more exciting than it has been in a long time. There are also many stars that appeal to young kids. Derrick Rose, the soon to be MVP of the league, is one of these stars that kids look up to. Kids will be begging their parents to get them a basketball hoop since the warm weather will drive them to play outside. Lifetime makes a portable basketball hoop that is just perfect for many kids to shoot on.

In order to allow kids to enjoy the game of basketball, even in areas where a permanent hoop can't be installed, Lifetime created this basketball system. A game can be played anywhere there is a hard surface when using a portable hoop; whether this is a patio or driveway. When there is poor weather the hoop allows for movement indoors too. This hoop is build to withstand many years of rough play and can survive the elements outdoors.

This spring as the real teams drive towards an NBA championship, make sure that your kids have a basketball hoop they can play with on their own. Basketball is a great way for kids to stay in shape and burn off energy. As they grow up they will also be able to apply the many great qualities that basketball teaches. Since basketball is so enjoyable don't be surprised if you have to call your kids to come in late at night after they shoot the ball all day!

Lifetime Youth Portable Basketball System.