Getting To Know Jay McInerney's "Bright Lights Big City"

With summertime here, it is always nice to find new books that are worth the time to read, but it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which books - out of the myriad options out there - will be something you will enjoy; in order to help solve this problem, it is useful to find out as much as you can about as many different books as you can. Jay McInerney's modern day classic from 1984, "Bright Lights Big City" is one book that is definitely worth looking into; upon the book's release, it was a national phenomenon, and McInerney shot to the top of the literary world as the most prominent member of the "Literary Brat Pack," which included McInerney's former college classmate Bret Easton Ellis.

The book "Bright Lights Big City" is written in second person, which means that everything in the book puts you in the shoes (and in the mind) of the main character, and it follows the main character (that is, you!) as he looks for some sort of meaning and happiness in his fast-paced, New York City lifestyle.

Second person narration rarely works in a novel, and this is especially true for debut authors - which McInerney was at the time of "Bright Lights Big City" - but this is one of those rare instances when second person narration works in an absolutely effortless manner, and for anyone who enjoys studying and enjoying a beautiful piece of literature, this book is a real treat.

Of course, this book is unlikely to be enjoyed by those who prefer commercial fiction (that is, the novels of John Grisham or Michael Connelly or James Patterson) - at least, not unless you are one such reader who is hoping to expand your literary horizons.

If you have been looking for a book to read this summer, Jay McInerney's debut novel "Bright Lights Big City" is definitely worth a look; who knows, you just might find that you have come across a brand new favorite!