Nearing Your Anniversary Properly

It is not uncommon for a man to forget an anniversary until the day of the anniversary itself (or, sometimes, not even until after the anniversary has passed!), but while an anniversary is not something that a man usually thinks of automatically, it is certainly something that is good to think of, as these dates are usually important to women. Because many wives view anniversaries as something extremely important, it is helpful to have a system that you can follow when you are nearing your anniversary, as following this system year after year will minimize the chances of you forgetting the anniversary, and will instead maximize the chances of you and your wife being able to celebrate your anniversary in a meaningful and memorable manner.

Starting to think of your anniversary date as being one month earlier than it actually is is one of the first steps you should take in order to near your anniversary properly; when you do this – marking your calendar each year, and setting a reminder on your computer or phone – you will be able to put yourself in a position where you are never taken by surprise by your anniversary being suddenly upon you.

Next, you should think of trying to come up with a “theme” that you can stick to for every anniversary; whether this theme is visiting a bed-and-breakfast in a different town each year, visiting a different beach each year, or visiting a different city each year, this will make the planning a whole lot easier, and will also make it a lot more special!

And for many women, the main thing about an anniversary that they really love is that it is a time for the two of you to celebrate one another and make each other feel special; in order to make your wife feel special on your anniversary, she will have to feel like your anniversary celebration has been planned out rather than simply being thrown together, so make sure you reserve everything in advance and have the plans set, as this will allow you to relax as your anniversary nears, while still celebrating the anniversary the right way!