Another Scrapbooking Show has been and gone

Well this past long weekend another scrapbooking show was in town and I frankly couldn't rustle the enthusiasm to go. My best scrapbuddy wanted to go but it really didn't interest me. 

I had my aunties here visiting from Tasmania and really wanted to spend as much time as possible with them but apart from that I've gone right off the concept.

Let's see you get charged an entry fee for the right to go shopping?  In past years the specials haven't been so amazing as to get me excited.... then there's the expensive parking (public transport to our home town sucks... it'd be a train and then a bus and frankly at the end of a day at the show you just want to get home as quickly as possible), then there's the expensive food...... So I haven't been to a show in a while.

I might get motivated for the next one though????

I do think though if you are going to any of the shows it's a good idea to check out the free classes and demonstrations online before you go and plan your day to make the most of all the free classes on offer. Also get your map at the door and mark any stall you really like on the map as you come to it... even make a note if there is a particular product that catches your eye.... this makes it easier to find again later instead of wandering around and around....... Take a break for a cuppa and look at your purchases carefully. Consider your map and make sure you go back to any stall you really really want to .... and have a budget planned before you go.... Don't go over it! I know some of those sales are enticing but do you really need another embossing plate when you already own 50?   I always take my money I'm spending in cash and then hide another small amount in case of a really great special as my backup purse.  Once all the money is gone though I look at the stalls and gather website details for anywhere I thinks is really worthwhile looking at.  But mostly I go to learn a new technique or see a product I already own used in a different way.

So if you are going to attend a show stick to a budget, make the most out of the free demo's and classes and take a cut lunch to save more money for the important stuff.... scrapbooking supplies. LOL


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