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On Saturday Night I went to a crop night with my best scrap buddy. It was rather fun! I got three layouts done. All the layouts I completed are pretty simple and use multi photo layouts.

This is the first one. These photos were taken when my son was a baby and going to swimming lessons with his daddy.

This is a very cheap layout. The background cardstock came in a bulk pack from the discount store and cost $0.13c a sheet. The bubble vellum was a present from someone so was free. (I used a craft knife and cut out the vellum in the shape of the reeds painted on the back wall). The title "Swim" was cut from blue vellum using my fiskars templates (which I bought in a bulk pack and costed at $0.50c a sheet, though I've only used a tiny bit of one sheet). The other part of the title "Time" is from a sheet of basic grey stickers and is probably the most expensive item on the page. (I think I got this sheet on special for $4.95) And finally the dolphins came in an embellishment pack which was given to me as a gift. The rub on "Boys will be Boys" is off a rub on from the discount store which cost me $1.95 for the whole page.

When I cut out the reeds and stuck them down I found that they got lost in the background and didn't really stand out at all as they were covered in photos so I bought some of them forward over the photos for effect.

I know the layout itself is pretty simple but I think that's o.k. for now until I get through my backlog (hopefully before this baby arrives and I have another huge batch of photos to do...LOL)