Beyond The Page Project - Lamp

Beyond the page item: A Lamp for the Nursery.

I had an idea for the nursery to do a lamp with a teddy bear impaled on a stick with the lamp fitting coming out the top.... after much searching of the second hand stores I couldn't find what I was looking for and then last week I saw this..... this teddy bear lamp was looking a little worse for wear so I enlisted the kids help to paint it. It is made of a clay like substance that isn't glazed so it was easy to paint.

Then I had my husband (the artist in our family) paint in the leotard and I added the tutu and roses.

I wanted to do a ballerina teddy bear as I had purchased a quilt cover set for the cot which has a ballerina teddy bear on it and the bassinet is embroidered with ballerina teddys too! I have been bargain hunting I can tell you! Thank goodness for EBAY.


Deb D said…
This is so cute and great that the kids get involved making it special for them to be big brother and sister.