What do you do to get over scrappers block?

Do you ever get scrappers block? You know like writers block but for scrapbooking. Where you get out a project and just can't figure out what to do with it? I rarely have this problem.... but when I do it's a doozie....I do have a notebook full of ideas I'd love to try but never have the right size photo's.... (insert sigh)

Generally my scrapbooking creative process is evolving as I push things around the page. I'm a pusher! I tend to get my photo's out. Crop them. Pick my papers, cardstock and embellishments that go with the photo's and then I push the elements around the page until I find something I like. Sometimes I will have a plan and stick to it. Sometimes I'll have a colour scheme I want to use and no photo's to match... so I reprint some photo's in black and white to match. I get most of my inspiration from songs and movies (for titles and themes).

I recently set myself a challenge where a girlfriend of mine gave me the papers I was to use and a rough sketch and I had to fill in the gaps. It was a big challenge for me I must say but well worth it! I think it helped me be to be a little bit more creative in my colour combinations.

But how do you tackle the problem of creative block? I suggest making cards! Get out all of your scraps and make cards! That'll get some creative juices flowing. And if you can't think what to do then copy some from magazines. Post your photos and a "help" on a forum and get the forum members to give you feedback. That's what I did with the photo's of my son's first day at school. Or post the photo on my forum anytime and I'll be happy to give some suggestions. We have some great contributors on the forum with lots of interesting ideas.... But really the only way is forward..... Just start creating! It's the same as for writing when I have writers block I stop trying to finish the project or story and I will just write paragraphs for the sake of writing paragraphs. Then I'll take all those little tid bits and try to weave a story around each one..... Just get the creative juices flowing. Check it later on and you'll probably discard half of what you've done but the half that is left is pure gold!

How do other scrapbookers deal with creative block? (Feel free to leave a comment explaining how you tackle this problem... it's for the good of other scrapers!)


Anonymous said…
I stop looking at it and take a break. If I keep looking at it then I would keep coming up with a blank. When I come back, I just get out the pictures, then go to some of my ideas books and start flipping through and then get out my box of embelishments and see if anything suits the pictures and then try to find paper that go with the pictures, idea and embelishment. So I guess I scrapbook backwards compared with you.
Anonymous said…
I walk away from it too! I find if I go for a walk and try not to think about it I come up with new ideas.
Anonymous said…
I go online and check out the layouts other people have put up in the forums. I find by going through other peoples work I will see something I want to try and adapt to my project.
Anonymous said…
I love to make cards too! I find that card making gives me a creative freedom that scrapbooking doesn't. But sometimes it can be hard to make myself stop making cards and go back to scrapbooking.

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