Little Ballet Dancer

My Little Ballet Dancer!

I'm so excited. My daughter has started dancing lessons. She does ballet, jazz and tap. Tap is her favourite..... She likes the noisy shoes! It's really funny though cause everyone we meet finds it so cute that she's starting tap at two and a half. And it is cute, she's so small... but the problem with that is getting her shoes and ballet slippers has been pretty hard. As to the leotard and skirt... I had to pin tuck some larger ones so unfortunately she doesn't have the same ones as the rest of her class. But I think this looks cute! So now I have all these photo's of her in her leotard and skirt at her first dancing class to scrapbook. Most of the other photos are with her best friend (so I'm not putting them up here cause I don't have permission from her mum). Now my dilema.... what papers and embellishments? I'm sure there must be some specific ballet papers and embellishments out there .... but the scrapbook stores near me don't stock them..... So I need to shop online for them...... I'm sure I'll eventually find what I need but I wish it wasn't going to take so long to get the supplies cause I'm ready to do these layouts now! Any suggestions of a 'range' would be greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said…
This is very cute and I'm sure you will make a GREAT page out of it. But why don't you try making ballet slippers out of paper and ribbon? That would save you on the cost of embellishments :-) I'm sure you could find a picture on the web you could use and I'm sure with a girl you would have HEAPs of scrap pink paper.
The Scrap Miser said…
Yeah I should do that... I'm a bit afraid how mine would turn out though... lol

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