Planning a Layout... How do you do it?

I've got a confession to make... I "scrapmiser" am a pusher! Not in any illegal sense you understand just in my approach to planning my layouts. I usually get all the elements out that I want to use, then crop my photos and start pushing them around my page till they look good or till they make enough room for the title I want to use or embellishment I simply must have on that page.

I'm sure I've talked about this before. But what I want to know is how everyone else approaches it... I say this because last night I did a two page layout and although I love the second page it took me a long time to find something to do with the first page.... I knew I wanted to feature her name because at the moment she is too little to say "Elizabeth" so she calls herself "Rory Lil Bit Patterson" which we find so cute! So I knew I had to feature this in a layout so she'll remember it when she's older. I also knew I had to use the photo in the centre of page two. This is my all time favourite photo of her. So from there my colourscheme was pretty much set for me as her shirt dominates the photo. So I kept an eye and and eventually found the pink frangipani A4 and the pink and white frangipani 12 x 12 and the two A4 frangipani vellums. But then the hard part... what to do with the elements.....

So how do other scrapbookers approach it?

I've followed a sketch before and sometimes a small element of this will work for me but I tend to have a problem with replicating the sketch (or even making it my own) because the size and quantity of my photos is vastly different. So what works for you?


Anonymous said…
I personally start with the pictures that I want to scrap, then I look at websites, ideas books and see if anything strikes me. I then look at what paper and embelishments I have that may work for a particular idea. I'm big into using others ideas as it helps me keep my layouts changing.