Free Tutorials

O.K. for those who know me you know I LOVE FREE! Cheap is good, but FREE is even better! So in my quest to share every money saving tip I can I wanted to share with you a couple of websites that provide free tutorials.... apart from me that is...

I frequent all of the following and get different things from each of them. Some of them are great for 'how to' information whilst others are great for ideas, so check them out and see which ones you like.

You Tube is also great for tutorials and ideas videos (mine are there) so don't forget to look there.

There are lots more... I know! And as I discover them I'll be sharing them here. Remember though that if you have a limit on your downloads then these video's may push you over your limit and incur an extra fee from your service provider..... in which case the tutorials wouldn't really be free anymore.

Feel free to post links to other sites you find so we can all check them out!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing! I've checked out a couple of these already and thought they were great.