Amnio Preliminary Results are in!

Yeah! I have finally heard the preliminary results from my amnio.

I got a call last night from a doctor at the hospital who went through the results with me and everything looks good!

Also they tell me the baby is a girl. ..... So my DD is happy and DS is coming to terms with it...LOL! And I can finally go shopping for baby girl stuff and more importantly baby girl scrapbook stuff!

My best wishes go out to anyone else out there waiting for news it can be a long and nerve racking wait.

My best buddy says I should find a way to name this baby 5... This is because the probability of something being wrong was 1 in 6. And my buddy said that's o.k. there are five chances there is nothing wrong so we're going to concentrate on the 5. So that's what I've been trying to do or the last week.. So if you know of a way I could use five as a girl's name let me know!


Deb D said…
Congratulations! glad everything is looking good for you all. Well, I can't think of anything with five in the name...hmm...maybe Fifi lol.
Anonymous said…
How about looking up how to say five in lots of different languages. See if any of them sound good as a name :-)