Purse Album - In Progress

Here are the photos of the album I made at my first class at my LSS. I was reminded by one of my readers that I'd completely forgotten to show you the finished product. (see previous blog entry: http://cheap-scrapbooking-ideas.blogspot.com/2007/04/attended-my-first-lss-class.html)

Well.... work in progress.... you see I've decided to use it to showcase the yearly photo of the kids so it will take a while to fill all the pages but here are some photos of what I've done so far...

This is a very simple project to make... make a little book and then make the covers the shape of a bag. Just remember that if you give the binding a good flat surface the purse will stand up on its own for display purposes. I love the papers we used in this project I think they're fancy pants designs.

I haven't done too much to each page as I wanted the photos to be the centre piece here. A few words and poems and the odd embellishment is all that is needed.


Deb D said…
What a pretty way to showcase the year's pics. I love the little tags too.
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