Butterfly Kisses

Between school holidays and false start Doctor appointments I haven't had much time to myself lately to do much scrapbooking. I have to go back next week for another try at the amnio as the baby wouldn't co-operate this week. If it wasn't so frustrating it'd be funny.... you see everywhere the doctor contemplated sticking the needle.. the baby stuck a body part..
It went something like this Dr and Radiologist talking: What about here? No now there's a hand there.... What about over here? No that's a foot... O.K. what about this angle? That's not good there's the bottom. Gee this baby is moving around ALOT!
So I have to get psyched up for it all again next week. Hopefully we'll have better luck next time.
Anyway..... so with no me time to scrapbook I found this old layout I did of DD and her lovely long eyelashes. It's one of the very first ones I did using the scrapbook max program. The papers and elements are all standard with the program. You can see from the simplicity of my layout design that I was getting a handle on the program and all it could do... but still despite that I think this is a very effective layout.
The thing I like about combining digital and traditional layouts is the subject matter can be so different but still use the same photo... even some photos I'd never print cause they don't tell the story of the event effectively can become the BEST digital layouts!


Deb D said…
Oh dear that doctor's visit didn't sound like fun at all!
Your LO is adorable...I bet you get a lot of comments on your DD and those gorgeous long lashes...too cute!