Bella Paper Padz - great economics

My best scrapbuddy went shopping without me....... :(

And found this fabulous pack! I think Bella are one of the BEST value ranges on the market. This pack which consists of several co-ordinating papers, a sheet of cardstick stickers and a sheet of chipboard letters for only $5.

This was a special at the "Reject China Shop". To get these sorts of great specials though you need to regularly browse all the cheaper and chipper shops. They don't tend to buy things regularly so you never know what you'll find... bit of a treasure hunt really.

I love these sorts of co-ordinated kits but most of them are way too expensive! Now all I have to do is get out there to see what else they have... this was the last one... :(

There was also a range of co-ordinating embellishments for $3.00


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Deb D said…
Bella do have a good range. I haven't seen these. You're right you have to be very regular to get the bargains.