The Future is looking bright.

It's a lovely sunny day here. We've had a bit of rain lately which has given the gardens a nice boost, not enought to top up the dams so that we're out of water restrictions but enough to make the grass grow.

Added to all this lovely weather my DH has gotten a job. He starts on Monday. I can barely contain myself!

You see before he would put in his invoice and get paid whenever they could pay him. This meant if no one could pay us that week then we'd have to wait. We currently have invoices from January that are still due. You can imagine what that does to your weekly grocery shopping.

Now I'll actually have a regular amount of money to budget with. This also brings our dream of our own house alot closer. Before DH was paid around a quater of what he's worth, but that was with part ownership of the business. This for us though meant that we wouldn't be getting a house for around 8 - 10 years as the partners who had put in money had to be paid back first before there was any division of profit in our direction. Now I can realistically look at saving for a house. It's realistically within reach. I think I'd given up hope of it ever happening.

I can also look at replacing our car :) YEAH! Poor car :( it has done a half a million kilometres and desperately wants to retire and now that's a realistic option for us. Soon.... hope it can hold out that long... lol..... The kids tell everyone about our wonky gear box and how we put the car into reverse and the gear box says : "Nope I don't wanna reverse!"

I can't explain how free I feel right now.

This will also affect my scrapbook shopping. There are so many lovely things I've always wanted and now with a regular weekly scraping budget to play with I may just surprise you all with some video ideas I've been wanting to explore but didnt have the product to do so. On that note I'm always looking for new topics to do videos on so if you have an idea feel free to email me at:

Well I'm off to enjoy the lovely sunny day.