Bathing Beauty

I finished this layout yesterday. I thought I'd share it with you as I haven't scrimped on my embellishments or papers at all with this layout but it wasn't that expensive either.

I scraplifted the design from Mary Ann Walters. Her layout "Jackson" was published in the July edition of ScrapBook Inspirations.

I was really impressed with the simple colour scheme she used. And knowing I would also be using a two colour layout I thought this was the perfect idea for me. Also for this layout this single photo needed to take centre stage.

I have been experimenting alot with single photo layouts lately as they allow you to be more expressive artistically. Also sometimes a single photo is all you need to tell a story. In this case this photo perfectly showcases the "Monster Bubble Baths" my kids have.

Here's the layout: Bathing Beauty

For this layout I based the entire colour scheme around the little resin rubber ducky embellishment. I got it at the craft fair recently for $0.30c. The Yellow Patterned Paper was created by me with stamps, yellow ink and clear embossing powder. I hand cut the swirls from blue cardstock using my doodle genie as my guide. The saying was $1.30 from a LSS. The ribbon was hand stamped by me to match my theme as were the strips of navy cardstock. The blue paper with the swirls on it was a gift from my best scrap buddy. I like making all my embellishments and papers like this as it is so cheap (in comparison to buying the same thing that is). My yellow background paper cost $0.40c and the blue cardstock $1.10. The ribbon was free as I found a great big roll of it in my sewing table (which I converted into my scrap table). The chipboard letters were another find from the scrap fair and cost me $1.00. I do have heaps of letters left for future projects too!

It's a little difficult to see but I actually printed this photo twice and cut out the face and legs with a craft knife, mounted them on foam tape so they rise out of the bubbles. So I would need to add an extra $0.33c to my cost for the second photo. A total of $5.43. Now I know that isn't very cheap for a single page but it is cheaper than I estimated the cost of the layout I scraplifted from. For me the aim is to save money where ever I can. Not scrimp on my layouts so much I don't like them anymore. So where ever possible look for a cheaper way to do something rather than trying to do the cheapest layout you can. You'll probalby like the outcome better.

This shot shows you a close up of the details a little better.


Miche said…
I love this page! Very adorable! You inspire me :o) I do have one question. I notice you do some very elaborate embellishments (which are GORGEOUS!) but how do you store them to keep them looking nice? I am really inspired to make amazing pages now! I can't stop thinking about that no bake dough recipe! How do those embellishments hold up?

Love the pages! I have already told a couple of my friends about your blog :o) Thanks for the inspiration! Keep on blogging!
The Scrap Miser said…
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The Scrap Miser said…
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