Photo Opportunities

Hope everyone is enjoying their labour day long weekend. We're having a really great autumn.

Last weekend Easter Weekend) we managed to take the kids away camping for a night... What fun that was. I specifically didn't plan anything and left it all to chance to get the kids less focused on the "plans".. you know roll with the punches, be more spontaneous! Well I think they finally got the hang of it.  I got some good photos to chronicle it and hope to journal that page in detail to always remind them to be more spontaneous and have fun with life.

This weekend we took a day out to go up the coast and drove to Moffat Beach. This was such a fabulous spot with a really cool little wadding puddle that is created above the shoreline. It's the perfect spot for the littlies to paddle. We had a really great day and even took some fabulous photos for DDH to paint us a picture. We're even more determined to encourage him in his painting now (he recently took up oils, having been an acrylic painter for many years) as we had a look in  a gallery today and saw most of the painting swere several thousand dollars to buy... eeek! Can't wait till he paints us this one.