Ella's first tea party

Gotta love those "firsts". This one was so cute. The kids asked if Ella could lay on the floor with them and I said yes only to discover it wasn't just a cuddle they were after but another attendee at their tea party... LOL

Sorry I haven't posted in a while ... been busy... you know how it goes. A newborn and then the school drop off and pick up thing and then there's the washing!

Added to all that I spent a night up at the hospital with Ella on Sunday as she had five separate chocking episodes and her lips turned blue and everything! We were a bit freaked out about the turning blue so we got the ambulance. They don't really know why she did it... here's hoping it doesn't happen again!


Anne P said…
Very Cute Kyra. Lovely spontanious moment.
Deb D said…
Gee hope that choking hasn't happened again...must have been dreadfully scary.
Love the first tea party...too cute.
So how are you? No I haven't dropped off the planet. I've been flat out doing some challenges for 8 weeks or so then got sick for a couple...the rest just busy. Too busy...we've decided to s-l-o-w down...easier said than done but we're working on it! Hope you beautiful little family is doing well.
No off to check out other postings here.