Baby Girl "Pram" Layout

Here's another layout I did... of course it's a baby layout.
This is the very first photo of our new daughter and as you can see Ella is covered pretty heavily in goo! My husband called this stuff sunscreen (as it was a very hot day when she arrived) so that her siblings wouldn't be too freaked out about it.
I used the technique of paper piecing to create an old fashioned pram to go around this photo as it isn't the prettiest photo. But it is an important one from a memory perspective.
Paper piecing is definitely one of the more economical ideas for your scrapbook pages.


Anne P said…
I like the Pram, and did you use some wire to create the handle?
The Scrap Miser said…
yes I did use some wire for the handle. It's just a light wire and is coloured pink and it's not touching any photos (for those of you who would go mad at me for the use of non safe items).

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