Baby Ella Birth Notice

Hi everyone, well here's the details of the arrival of my latest bundle of joy. She's a gem of a baby. Sleeping and eating well. She even manages to nap all day with her big brother and big sister pawing her and patting her.

I won't be making regular posts for a little while as I'm getting the hang of her routine and napping as much as possible. But my sister-in-law Anne has generously offered her services so you won't be missing out on posts over the next couple of seeks. . I think you'll enjoy the different perspective too as she's a fantastic crafter with embroidery and sewing as her extra skills so you'll definitely get some new ideas.

Allow me to present Anne.... AKA: the sister-in-law.... LOL!

Hope you enjoy her unique perspective and ideas as much as I do. I also think you'll enjoy her different scrapping style:

Hi I'm Anne Patterson I am the mother of two beautiful boys and have been scrapping for about four years, but it has only been in the last year or so where I have been really trying to push myself. My favourite thing to do is paper piecing and I also enjoy stitching on my LO's although I don't do this as often as I should. I also happen to be Kyra's Sister-in-Law and scrapping is our shared passion.


Deb D said…
OMG I am behind the times here! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! that is such good news...glad to hear your little darling is doing well. Ella Rose is such a pretty name. I absolutely love how all the older names are making a comeback Kyra! I hope you continute to do well and get some sleep! God bless you all xox