Winter School Holidays are here again

This photo was taken at the beach two blocks from our house:

It's school holidays here again. So this week and next week DS and DD need to be kept busy! Yesterday we went down the beach and built sandcastles and had a mini picnic.

It was a nice day. Topped off by DH coming home early so I could take time out for a walk. DD decided yesterday that she absolutely must have the training wheels off her bicycle! Needless to say she fell off. But she won't have them back on so it won't be long now before she's zooming all over the yard. (there were areas that her training wheels just didn't allow her access to.) DH took the kids to the park yesterday afternoon for some practice riding in a straight line. There are lots of bike paths along the beach front here and when the kids are learning to ride without their training wheels the long straight paths are a godsend. Once they've mastered the balance thing turning and corners are a breeze!

Today is a trip to the park.... Will see what kooky things they get up to!

Tomorrow is a play date with friends.


Deb D said…
Love photos like this where kids are absorbed in what they are doing and don't know you are cute! Hope you are feeling well Kyra.

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