PaperClip Embellishments - Make Your Own

How cool are these little embellishments? My best scrapbuddy bought these on her shopping trip last week. I thought they are a great idea of how you can use up all the old charms etc that have accumulated.... in my stash anyway... this includes my jewellery making stash! I have some jump rings which I'll use to attach beads and charms onto the end of the paperclips to make my own embellishments. You could drop several decorations off the end of your paperclip rather than just one..... even make wire nick nacks and attach these with a paperclip.

I also thought you could thread some little beads onto the paper clips to use up an excess of seed beads I might own! LOL!

Seeing as how paperclips are so cheap this is a great way to use old items in a new way!