Omega 3 supplements and Bento Boxes

If you get a chance to check out Angela Daniels blog you may be able to let me know what the Bento Boxes are?

I don't know about these Bento boxes (not big in Brisbane) but thought the picture looks COOL!

Angela was talking about Omega 3 and how she has been taking supplements and this has overcome her dislike of eating fish, though she wasn't sure what Omega 3 did......BTW: Omega 3 is for your brain. It's supposed to make the kids smarter and stop us older people from losing too much brain power. We take ours in juice format as my kids wouldn't swallow a pill. ( I also saw a cool study where they measured the effects of Omega 3 supplements on pregnant women. Apparently the children born to these women proved to be smarter than their peers...... the downside..... the babies heads were bigger (Ouch!)


Deb D said…
I'm a fish lover - need all the brain power I can get lol. I will check out the blog when I can a minute. Can't help you with the Bento Boxes...I'm curious now lol.