Scrapbooking at the LSS

My best scrap buddy and I had a FABULOUS evening on Saturday night. We went to our Local Scrapbook Store (well not too local.... five suburbs away he..he..he) for a five hour scrapathon! This was a good evening. There was lots of scrapping and gourmet pizza. We had a good time sharing techniques and ideas with other scrappers. The evening was hosted by a store at Lawnton called "Paper Addiction". This is a great store. Fabulous layout. Lots of room in the scrapping area! BUT... I was a little disappointed as there was no introduction to the tools etc available to us or what food and drinks were available for purchase..where the toilet was?

I've been to other scrapbook evenings and there's at least a hi this is how we run our evening you can find (such and such) tools in (thingamajiggy) place. You know?

So although we had a good time and got a bit done we've decided we'll have to experience other scrapathons to compare.... HE..HE..HE... so now the only hard part is finding an event that her DH isn't working. He does night shifts sometimes... So cross your fingers for us..

I'll be uploading photos of my efforts... Finished and unfinished for y'all to see.


Deb D said…
Oh yes! you definitely need to try other places...research it is called lol. That's what I tell my DH when I'm surfing the craft sites...I'm researching! LOL
The Scrap Miser said…
And how do you categorize spending? Is that research too???? LOL
Deb D said…
um...yes...researching to see just how far the $ will go LOL

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