Mothers Day is fast approaching!

Well we're fast approaching Mothers Day, which is not my favourite time of year as you all know.

However I do enjoy focusing on my kids and my mother's day and it's a perfect time to update my scrapsupplies or tools.... but this year.... I don't really know what I want. I don't really need anything as far as I know anyway.... Do you have a favourite tool that is the best buy you've ever made? I really want to hear about it! I am looking for something I need but don't know I do... if that makes sense.

I'm getting worried. It's getting close and I don't know what to ask for .... which is dangerous in my house as DH will get me something that is WAY over priced! Which is why I now decide what I want so he doesn't spend too much. I usually pick a few options and DH and DS and DD go shopping from that list... LOL or should I say circled and highlighted junk mail.

HELP! What should I ask for?


Deb D said…
I love the Creative Memories tools - not the cheapest but I've proven to myself the best therefore cheaper in the long haul. Their shape makers are on sale this month.
Otherwise what about a little Xyron sticker machine (about $15 and refills from $6 to $8). I'm frugal with mine but sometimes you just NEED one lol. They are a fun gift for children too I think to make stickers.
Another idea: get a "handmade by Kyra" stamp made up...I have one and I use it on the back of my cards and other things. It was about $20 I think. Hope this helps.
The Scrap Miser said…
I too love the Creatie Memoies Tools I don't think their quality can't be compared. Good ideas thanks!