How to use Bark on a Layout

O.K. so here is an example of a layout I did previously using bark. This layout has been posted before but I thought for anyone who hasn't been with me since the beginning you wouldn't of seen this idea and therefore my last post might of seemed a little odd.... LOL

So here you can see I've used Bark, gumnuts and paperclay to embellish my layout very cheaply. I do practice what I preach!

For those of you who have watched my videos on the "no bake clay" here is an example of me using this on one of my layouts. I pushed the clay into a mould my best scrapbuddy owns and let it dry overnight before adhering it to little squares of paper.


Anonymous said…
Hello! I really like your blog and read it regularly. Keep up the good work. :-)

Can I make a small, hopefully constructive suggestion? The header of this blog really puts me off. It is way too deep...especially on my laptop's screen. I really get irritated with having to scroll right down to find your latest post. :-(

I realise you're using this area to monetise the blog...but wouldn't it be better placed in a sidebar somewhere near the top? There's in your face and then there's IN YOUR FACE...if you know what I mean!

Keep up the good work. I'm enjoying your digital LOs.
The Scrap Miser said…
Hi Jill, thanks for reading me. And thanks for the positive feedback. I'll see what I can do about moving those google ad words.... I'm not very good at working in Html so when my DH is available to do it I'll see what he can do.

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