Live, Laugh Love Your Life

Here's a layout I did of my kids at the park. I wanted t use this gorgeous red background paper so I dressed my DD in this red skirt and white floral shirt and kept snapping away till I got some photos of their personality at this time. I like to try and capture that as it does change a little as they grow and funny little things they do now will be totally uncool when they're older!

I think it is a good idea to take photos to match supplies you have rather than the other way around. I think this works out cheaper as you can buy in bulk!


Miche said…
great paper! i really love that green strip on the right. did you buy it that way? i also love the red paper. is that really stitching or is it drawn on?

love it! i love that tip for saving money :o)
The Scrap Miser said…
Hi Miche, the green strip on the right came that way. You can often see these in kits though this is a digital kit. The stitching can come either way though in this case it's just drawn on as it's a digital paper.