Cowboy Layout

Here's my layout of my DS a his school dance as a Cowboy. I loved this photo. Found it on the school noticeboard. This one was taken by the principal who came to the dance as Jack Sparrow. he looked great! Last year he was Elvis. He's a great principal! Anyway when I saw this on the noticeboard I had to have it.

This isn't a very miserly layout because I purchased a sheet of patterned paper especially for this layout but I did save with my embellishments. The little cowboy suit is a gift from my sister-in-law who had this as a left over from a layout of her own. The sheriff star is part of his outfit. I found the ribbon at my LSS and new the colours were a perfect match for his shirt so had to have them. The cowboy tittle is a leather look paper on chipboard letters. (Which I cut myself from free chipboard).

Now for the photo: I printed it twice. Once A4 size on canvas paper and frayed the edges and once wallet size so the true colours could be shown. The materials used for this layout cost: $2.80 for patterned papers and $1.20 for the ribbon..... so a total of $4.00 (not including glue or the printing of the photos) I purchased the canvas paper from Aldi for $9.95 for a pack of 20 so roughly 50cents a sheet. I have no idea of the cost of ink or how many prints I'll get per cartridge yet so sorry can't cost that adequately for you.

So again because of the size of the photo a pretty simple layout with minimal creative effort required on my part.

So feel free to leave me comments, positive or negative I don't mind I think you learn most from the negative ones anyway.


Anonymous said…
Two great layouts, you go girl :-)
Miche said…
what an adorable layout!

is chipboard the same as cardboard? i'm just learning and have been pouring over books, etc.

love the site! i will definitely have to play with the double photo idea :o)
The Scrap Miser said…
Hi Miche,
Yes cardboard and chipboard are similar. Chipboard is cardboard that has been created out of bits of paper pulp and glue. You see it in it's original form on the back of notebooks. I get mine free from the place I order my photo's online ( Whenever I order a photo larger than the standard 4 x 6 they give me a sheet free! YAH! You will also notice it most commonly in the scrapbook stores as packets of letters on a grey boring cardboard (though now you can also buy it predecorated and coloured also, I prefer mine plain and decorate myself as it is cheaper).

Thanks for the comments. Hope you enjoy.

There is a new video coming soon. It will be released to members first and then to my blog.

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