2 Peas Monday Blog: Do you regret anything you've said on your blog?

2 Peas Monday Blogger Today's Challenge~ When looking back at your past blog posts. Do you wish you could change anything about your writing or blog?

I have to say NO. No I wouldn't change anything about my writing on my blog. Most of the time the topics I write about are very factual and written in my own voice. Sometime though I have sensored my voice. Whenever I've shared something personal in my blog I never lie but I will omit information or feelings and thoughts that would unduly harm others. I don't regret this even though it is sensoring my voice somewhat...

Why do I do it? Well because my family and friends didn't chose to go into this journey with me. They've been dragged along without their knowledge or consent. I protect identies wherever possible but I do talk about them all as they're such a big part of my life.

I chose to start a blog because I love scrapbooking and I wanted to share some of my findings on how to save money at this craft. I was getting frustrated because I was increasingly meeting mothers who would love to scrapbook but thought it was too expensive. So I began this little blog....... over time though it has evolved..I now focus on sharing techniques and ideas as well as my miserly tips. But now my blog also shares with my readers my family, friends, achievements, joys, sorrows and my life as well as my scrapbooking.

If through my blogging I've helped one person to save some money on their craft then I'll be happy. I see myself as the memory keeper of my family. I use my scrapbooks as a way to tell my children and hopefully grandchildren and great grandchildren all about me and my children. It's where I record my love letters to my children.

It's kinda funny but everytime I visit my dad I search the house looking for a message or letter that my mum may of left me. Knowing that as a child I long for that message from my parent I'm making sure that I leave those messages for my children. So in a way my blog will be a record of my peronality and voice for my kids to look back on too!


Sherri said…
I started scrapbooking as an extension of my genealogy research so I can totally relate to your last paragraph. Love your post, well written
The Scrap Miser said…
Thanks Sherri. I tried genealogy as an extension of my scrapbooking... I wasn't very good at it.

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