2 Peas Wed Blog: Is there a colour you have trouble scrapping?

The 2 Peas Wednesday Blogger challenge is to blog about a colour you have trouble scrapping. This is really weird but I can't think of a single colour that fits into this category. I love using all colours! Every colour evokes an emotion or mood to use in my layouts. I usually choose my layout colour schemes based on my photos so there isn't a colour I don't use at some time. Of course I have my favourites! I usually find though that I go through colour phases.

For instance a while back I had a real pink and orange phase. During this time I was dressing my kids in alot of pink and orange without realising it so I could use some gorgeous pink and orange patterned papers I'd bought.

Sometimes I find a beautiful paper and want to use it so much I'll look for backdrops and outfits to match.

But over the last fortnight I've done an orange and green layout, a pink and yellow and now a pink and white layout. Before that a brown and gold layout and a very purple layout. Soon I'll be doing a light blue and silver layout with a beautiful handmade patterned paper that recently came into my life and perfectly matches my favourite blue shirt. So I'm scrapping in lots of colours! And then there's a blue and beige layout in my future that I can't wait to get too!

I do end up with alot of pink in my albums though! My DD loves PINK and PURPLE!

Do you have a colour you can't work with? Or don't like working with?


Anonymous said…
I struggle with Pink.... but I have two boys and I don't like wearing the colour myself so I don't really have any photo's that suit it. Oh well, maybe my boys will start spending time with girls and so I will get to use it more often.
shaners said…
I personally don't like earth tones. they just seem so drab, actually I was at home depot and was looking at paint color swabs and started thinking scrapbooking, bad huh. So I started to mix and match beiges and colors like that. Im working on a back to school scrapbook for our 7 yr old boy. Unfortunately for me he is an earth tone guy. I was at home depot because im going to repaint his room in earth tones. And this color choosing set my brain off into the scrapbook Im doing. Do I need therapy? :-) Anyhoo glad there's another blogger out here in scrapbook land to get ideas from.
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