Scrap with a Friend

Well I haven't posted for a little while. Due to a combination of problems. My husband is always on the computer... getting ready and organised for Christmas and I'm suffering a summer flu at present. I haven't stopped scrapping though and will have some layouts to show you in the next couple of days.

Anyway yesterday I did my favourite kind of scrapping. Scrapping with a Friend. I'm really very lucky. I have a girlfriend I've known since the fourth grade who has kids the same ages as mine (roughly). So we try and scrapbook at each others places and let the kids play together while we do it.

So yesterday Chris came over and I showed her the tools I got from my hubby for my birthday and she gave them all a go. Unfortunately she now wants all of them too! The thing I love about this kind of scrapbooking.... even though I rarely get a layout finished at one of these sessions is the chance to look through her work and get ideas. I love the shabby chic and distressed touches she adds to her layouts. She's also very adventurous with her paper mixing. I think I tend to be a bit boring. If I have a patterned paper with three colours on it I will only use that one patterned paper and then three plain papers in those colours. Whereas Chris is able to use two even three different patterned papers (not from the same range) and make it work. I admire that and have decided my new years resolution for my scrapbooking is to be more adventurous with my backgrounds.

The other thing I love about this kind of scrapbooking is the chance to try out tools I don't have. For instance yesterday I tried out my friends' heat embossing gun.... I usually use the toaster if I do it at all..... and wow it really does make such a difference so I'll be adding an embossing gun to my wishlist. Mind you my wish list is getting ridiculously long.

At the top of my list is a personal cutting system. I'm trying to decide between the Xyron Wishblade and the Cricut and would love to hear opinions from anyone who owns these machines. The Cricut is now available for sale in Australia but I haven't seen the wishblade so if I get one I have to get it from overseas.

At present I'm leaning towards the Wishblade only because it seems that you don't have to buy lots of templates (you can use the font's on your computer? Is that right?). Anyway please post a comment if you have an opinion either way on either machine I'd love some feedback.


Anonymous said…
This is so true. I love to go over to a friends place and although I usually get hardly anything done, at least you get to share ideas and test out each others equipment :-)

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