More Storage Ideas...

Free storage devices? Well I talk about free storage devices and have spoken previously about the container my cinamon donuts come in... So I thought I should show you what I'm talking about and here it is. As you can see I have poked a small piece of ribbon out of the edges so when I want to use a certain ribbon I simply cut off the length I want. I think this is the ideal way to store your ribbon. It's free. It's easy to access your supply and you can always see how much of anything you have.

This is the container that my local grocery store sells baby spinach leaves in. I use these on a shelf to store stamps and inks. Because the container is completely clear it is really easy for me to find anything I'm looking for.

I really do suggest that you look at the containers all your grocery items come in. That way you get to save the money you would of spent on storage devices and put it all towards supplies.