Happy Birthday To Me...

PRESENTS FOR ME...... Well it's my birthday. I'm now 36... WOW... It's a bit scary really cause I don't feel like a grown up yet. Anyway for my birthday I was a very lucky girl. I got loads of scrapbooking stuff! I have a wishlist that I add to and subtract from and my husband was a very good shopper this year and purchased me two tools off my wishlist and two he just thought I needed. The best thing is he was right. So it's nice to see he's paying attention to what I'm doing.

A wishlist is a great way to expand your supplies. I have a girlfriend with a scrapbooking addiction and she and I always buy each other supplies. We always give each other some papers out of the bulk buy packets we get and then some embellishments. This year my girlfriend got me a great little embellishment pack in pink and then a whole lot of fibres! She's into ribbons and fibres and is trying to get me as hooked on ribbon as her. This is great cause it opens up my supplies to some creative challenges. A couple of the papers she has given me aren't what I would normally buy but they're really pretty so I'm looking forward to trying them out.

So I urge all scrapbookers to create a wishlist your family and friends can peruse. The best thing is you can do this online now with google.