Do The Words Cheap & Scrapbooking Go Together...

Cheap and Scrapbooking are two words that don't usually go well together. That's mainly because so many of the supplies aren't that cheap. I guess that's why I can understand those people who may really want to get into scrapbooking but don't because they're intimidated by the associated costs. So I thought I'd make another list of scrapbooking supplies that I've used that are Free or cost next to nothing.... Just to hopefully prompt someone into starting scrapbooking who would of otherwise remained a scrapbook virgin.

Well as per my last post; Chipboard is free or nearly free if you collect all the chipboard that comes into your life but even better if you have friends and family saving theirs for you too.

Storage devices from the supermarket. Donut packets and spinach leaves etc etc. (see earlier blog)

Paper towel, toilet paper, tissues, tissue paper, wrapping paper, gift ribbons, cards, buttons (you usually get some free with every outfit you buy), Old and broken jewellery, used postage stamps, writting paper, old money (as long as it's not valuable) maps, postcards, as well as fabric samples off ruined outfits (these are great to do a layout of a photo containg this outfit) seeds, labels, foil seals from coffee cans and tin seals from formula tins, clothing tags, shopping bags, paper bags, bottle tops, stones, shells, grass, flowers, gumnuts, bark, twigs, leaves, sand and dirt.

Paperclay is one of my favorite mediums and you can make it yourself really cheaply (anyone wanting this recipe just email me for a return email containing this recipe.

Your kids artwork? This can be a great background paper especially if you're scrapping a photo of them painting it.

Their are free items available everywhere if you're looking..... What's your best Free find?


Anonymous said…
Don't forget to shop at the five and dime stores! They're a great source of cheap materials!
Anonymous said…
In the USA where we are, it is Dollar Tree. They have great paper and a scrapbooking section with wonderful embelishments for only $1 but you also need to look in other areas as well as you never know what you will find in the wall paper section or other areas.
Godzoned said…
In NZ there are the $2 stores. I also Paint/make some of my own backgrounds on plain 12x12 sheets from The Warehouse. $5 for a pack of 25 different coloured sheets is really good! I always join in challenges and competitions with my scrapbooking so I can win the expensive scrapbooking papers/embellishments/tools. I always collect back of pads (chipboard) to make my own embellishments. Thanks for the list. Great going...... How much is it that is acid free though? I'm not fussed with acid free but others are. - Debbie from NZ
Godzoned said…
ooooh forgot to mention. I use clear packaging for my "ghost" shapes! Paint or draw on them with permanent marker pens, Hand sew or glue them on your page. Debbie from NZ
Anonymous said…
Free cds (think AOL) make great templates for circles.
Cereal boxes are good for cutting and storing scrapbook idea books or magazines.
The Scrap Miser said…
Hey guys great ideas. As to Acid Free I don't trust that anything is unless it says so. If it concerns you you can put your photo between sheets of acetate or spray everything with "Make it Acid Free". I love the CD idea you could even stick the CD to your layout (reverse side showing) if you were doing a layout using a song title or paint and decorate them and join them together as a mini book!
Anonymous said…
when i get my scrapbooking supplies deliverd to me by mail,i use the boxes to store my paper
Here in belgium we don't have the dollar stores but we have second hand shops and you can find really nice things there, like containers , old books, i've bouhgt a filing cabinet on wheels, you know the ones that keep hanging files in them , and that for only 3€ . i also bought a plant with silk flowers for 2,5€ and pulled al the flowers of and took them appart .i have lots of flowers now. i store my flowers in glass jars that once held cream in them ,they look a bit like the prima jars
Anonymous said…
hey it's me again the anonymus from belgium, figured out the way i can put my name above my comment ;-)
free things i also use are : when you buy pageprotectors in all of them are one piece of white paper i take them out and paint on them to use as a background or photomats

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