WHY DID YOU START SCRAPBOOKING? Why do we start scrapbooking? This is one of those questions I’m often fascinated by. I guess its because I myself began scrapbooking under unusual circumstances. I have a girlfriend who is a ‘Creative Memories Consultant’ and for ages she tried to convince me to give it a go. She kept saying “You’ll love it”. I on the other hand resisted it as much as I could. Why you ask? Well mainly because of price. I already had several hobbies and I didn’t really want to spend money on another hobby. Little did I know that all of those other hobbies could be incorporated into my scrapbooking and that when I eventually gave in I wouldn’t really care about those other hobbies at all anymore.

So what made we finally take the plunge? Well having children got me half way there… only I didn’t know it yet. The seeds of scrapbooking were being sewn in my obsessive photo taking habit. My poor baby son was lucky if a day went by without several flash bulbs going off. So firstly I started taking photos. A pretty good place to start..

But the catalyst was the death of my mother. As soon as she died my father started giving me her things. A lot of those things turned out to be photo’s of her life. So there I was with a bag full of photos and four days before the funeral. Now having a two and a half year old boy, a five week old girl, a business to run and a husband mourning the death of his own mother 4 weeks earlier just wasn’t enough to deal with. I decided to set myself the monumental task of scrapbooking my mothers life before the funeral to have on presentation at the funeral.

I think it was this scrapbooking experience that got me through that time. I was extremely lucky that my scrapbooking friends were there to help me. There was myself and another novice scrapper and two seasoned scrappers and between the four of us we got the album completed in the time frame allotted….. I don’t know how but we did it and the best part for me was the chance it gave me to talk to so many of my mums friends who were featured in those pages. Scrapbooking is a funny hobby. From the outside it looks like a solitary art form but actually it’s a wonderful bonding experience with other women. You can scrapbook alone or with friends or join a group and before you know it you’ll be very close friends with all of them.