Shoe Racks and Sewing Tables

Shoe Racks and Sewing Tables: I love to have my space organised so that when I'm planning a layout I can easily paw through my goodies and choose the appropriate pieces. I have discovered that those clear plastic shoe holders are perfect for housing all those packets of embellishments,brads etc. This is especially great cause it hangs easily on the back of the door to my scrap area... Which is actually a corner of my bedroom.

I have recently aquired my mother's old sewing machine table. I can't wait to install it in the corner of my bedroom. I love the compartments contained in it for storing all my goodines and have decided that I will attempt to install a light in the area usually reserved for the sewing machine and by placing a piece of perspex over the top hope to convert this into a lightbox table.... If it works I'll post a photo.