Scrapbooking Photos With Bad Lighting...

BAD LIGHTING? In my last blog I spoke a little about bad lighting and recommended printing the photo in black and white to counter this problem. Here you can see what a difference the colour photo and black and white print make.
We took this photo on my husband's phone inside our local shopping centre and as you can see the harsh fluorescent lights drain the kids faces of colour and make my sons' shirt a very garish blue instead of the gorgeous light blue it is.... But in the black and white shot all of these problems are allieviated. Leaving me with the perfect shot to journal about the way they share so nicely and even better I can do the page in any colour scheme I like.

So I recommend if you have some papers you love but just can't use because you haven't had a picture that would compliment them... consider reprinting in black and white. I find this is a great way to use up the papers I get in my bulk buy packs.