Sorry for the delay in posting y'all...

Sorry for the delay in posting y'all... I've actually been in hospital. Nothing serious just back pain but what I did discover about myself is I don't like doing nothing. All that time just lying around was killing me. If they'd wheeled in my scrapbooking trolley I'd of been really happy to stay!

The other think I discovered is.... there is absolutely nothing I encountered that I could use in my scrapbooking... which is mighty unusual for me. I see possibilities everywhere. I have however previously used the wrist name tags of myself and my babies and the name tag off their hospital cot but this time I encountered nothing I considered even remotely useful. Maybe it was the morphine clouding my usually frugal judgment?

For instance the bag my oranges come in? Yep you guessed it. I scrap book it. It can be used as is (which is an orange plastic netting) or it is also useful to weave all those wonderful yarns I've been collecting into. I simply weave them through the mesh and create an interesting fabric of my own. You can also get these in white plastic. (My kids just got a bucket spade and ball packaged in one). So there you have it another free resource.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has found a scrapbooking use for something they received whilst in hospital?