My canvas clad wall

So you know how I keep promising that I'll show you a picture of all the Beyond the Page Canvases I've done on my wall? Well here are some finally!

 DD2 has grown quite a bit too! All of the projects are on canvasses of different thickness to add to the artistic display. I group them in colour groupings... all the pinks together etc so the whole wall is an artistic display...... There are alot more now... too .... LOL


Unknown said…
Your blog post inspired me to share a trick that I use to keep my kids school keepsakes and memories organized. Memory Pockets ( is the perfect organizer for the tons of papers, crafts/artwork, report cards, yearbooks and the like that come home from school with your child. There may be a few things that make it into your scrapbook, but most of these precious keepsakes won't make the cut, but they need to be saved. Memory Pockets not only help moms organize those items for each school year and neatly saves them in large 10x13 pockets, BUT... each Memory Pocket also features fill in the blanks to help mom record her kids favorite memories, accomplishments, likes and dislikes, etc. Each Memory Pockets set includes 15 10-x13 colorful pockets - one for each school year - and 2 smaller pockets for your child's first tooth and first haircut.

I hope you find this suggestion useful. Thank you for your awesome website!

Memory Pockets - the ULTIMATE school memory organizer
The Scrap Miser said…
Awesome Denise thanks! I actually put all my kids school stuff in a big lever arch folder so these would be awesome! I divide up the folder into years and in each year I put in certificates, sample handwriting and a drawing as well as class photo and report card. These memory pockets would work perfectly in my folders! THANKS

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