Layouts for the Differently Abled.

I had a question from someone on my email list about how to create layouts for the differently abled. So in answer to Ruqaiyah's question I have outlined how to go about this. You could though use this information to create an album on any topic you like.

My suggestion  on how to create an album on this topic would be to find two sketches you like. (One a single photo sketch and one a multi photo sketch) You can use these two sketches over and over again by turning and flipping the design. This will give your pages some cohesion.

I would convert all the photos to black and white and do the album in a single pad of co-ordinating papers. (Many of these come with a variety of matching papers and embellishments) Then choose a single colour cardstock as your background page. Buy flowers and bling (and if you're like me and love some hand stitching on your layouts, some thread) in either one or two co-ordinating colours.

You could buy a pack of thickers or other alphabet stickers for your titles or you could hand stitch your titles (which I love doing). Whichever choice you make keep the titles in the same font and colour or sticker throughout the album. (if you have multiple people you could do titles in stickers and then hand stitch their names to the page.) If there is a saying or quote someone likes to quote or they use as their motto add this to the page (or add it as hidden journalling).

I would focus on each person with a two page spread the single photo and a title saying what they can't do and then the opposite page with the mult photo sketch focusing on all the things they can do. Kind of "well I can't walk... but I can sing and drive and sail a boat and inspire people" (If I was doing this album that's how I'd approach it. Make it very positive affirmation on what they can do).

Using sketches and a common colour palette will make it easier for you to get started. By using a book of co-ordinating papers all the hard work of choosing papers is taken off your hands. Also by converting the photos to black and white you will guarantee they go with papers you have chosen.

To achieve all of this as cheaply as possible pick a smaller sized album perhaps an 8 x 8.  Buying paper stacks from K-Mart or Big W will give you a very cost effective set of papers to work with. Buy your stickers, bling and thread from cheaper and chipper stores like: crazy clarks, surprise etc. You can save alot by hand making your own flowers.


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