BTP- table for the nursery.

This is a really big Beyond the Page project......
Have you ever wondered what to do with those tacky freestanding ash trays from the 60's and 70's? Well...... I needed a small table next to my rocking chair to hold my water bottle and a snack while I'm feeding baby and a place to put the phone so I don't have to get up in the middle of a feed..... But trying to find something that would fit in this tight space was a challenge.... Then I saw this ash tray at a second hand store for $7.50...
So I bought it home polished it up.... took off the ashtray part and then added the top (which is actually a cutting board which I've painted and stenciled to match the room.
And there you have it for under $20 one side table..... Utilising my scrapbooking stencils and paints also saved me heaps! And if you notice I've used the same stencil on the table top as I have on the drawers in the cupboard I did up.


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