Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere

I did this layout early last year and haven't had a chance to share with you the cost saving ideas I used here. I stamped my title with paint directly onto the page, this saved alot on my title. Next I used a little paper rabbit I purchased for .50c at a show. I then used it as a template to punch out this little grey one. I added a ribbon to the page that came wrapped around a present I received and I used a piece of patterned paper that I got in a bulk packet. And the little rabbit charm came in a packet of six for $3.00.

So even though I used alot of embellishments I haven't spent a great deal of money on this page.

I loved these photos of my DS when he was a baby and dressed in these cute little bunny pjamas. For some reason at this stage he was mad for rabbits. Every night we had to read all 12 books that we had with rabbits in them. His toothbrush had a rabbit on it and his favourite television show was "Max and Ruby".... you guessed it rabbits!


Miche said…
What a cute page! Is this paper piecing? Any recommendations for a book or site to check out more info on that?

Hope all is well with you! Take care!
The Scrap Miser said…
Hi Miche, this is punch art. You use your paper punches to create things. These rabbits were created using mostly oval punches and heart shape ones. If you're looking for idea books that give you the "plans" for some of these you can go to Amazon.com and search punch art books and LOTS come up! Paper piecing is a quilting term. They use paper shapes to create patterns of little pictures. You can use a similar technique for scrapbooking but you cut the paper out rather than punch it. I like the punches as it is more exact than I am with a pair of sissors...lol... tragically for a scrapbooker I can't cut a straight line!

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