Pink and Brown Christmas Present - Calendar, Address Book, Receipe Book

Well I have been a busy little bee whilst not online and posting. I have been making Christmas Presents. I love this time of year. It's hard work and by Christmas Day I really deserve my day of rest! But no matter how tired I am I still manage to cram some more into it...

So here is an example of one gift I have made. There's a Calendar/Note board, a receipe book and address book. I used a pink and brown theme for this project so all the items will co-ordinate. I actually used this colour scheme for my album of my childhood so you know it's a favourite.

The Calendar/Note board is two sided. This is the noteboard side. (see the bulldog clip for storing notes or memo's) This is the calendar side. (It's a two year calendar which I purchased for $1.... easier than making it) The whole thing is done as a sandwich board so you can easily close it up to get it out of the way if you need the space.

Here's my receipe book:
I only divided it into two sections Savoury & Sweet as I only had two page divider stickers.

Here's a close up of the cover. I painted the chipboard the same colour as the background and then added kindy glitz to make it a little more exciting.
Here's the address book. I purchased a small address book and simply decorated it to match.
Now for the really surprising part I only used 3 sheets of 4.5 x 6.5 printed cardstock from my book of mat stack (total cost of the book is $8.95). A few embellishments and some ribbon from a co-ordinated pack costing $3.95. Some stickers from a sheet of co-ordinating cardstock stickers costing $2.50. The calendar was $1 and the wood sandwich board cost $11 for a pack of three sets. The receipe book was $5 (for the kit including the rings).
I'm off to do another set now in another colour scheme. This is alot of fun!
Next post I'll give you the receipe for a bath scrub you can make.


This is really neat!
Miche said…
i love your homemade recipe book :o) i've been thinking it'd be better to have a personal cookbook that was expandable and this is perfect! i always seem like i outgrow those other ones very quickly :o) i would definitely love to combine scrapping with cooking :o)

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