My Scrap Space

Several posts ago I talked about my complete house reorganisation. And here finally are the photos of my new scrap space. These photos probably don't show how great this area is for me, so you'll have to trust me on that one.
Behind my desk on the opposite wall is the family computer printer, scanner etc and a book case filled with supplies and idea magazines.
The shelves are a simple plastic (very cheap) free standing shelf system that I have used over and over for the last five years in a number of areas. Whenever I have had a baby this shelf unit moves to above the change table so the wipes and bags etc are always within easy reach. Then between babies it has been a great place to store laundry items like the iron and washing powder. But now it's for my scrapbooking supplies. Between this shelf unit and my sewing table I have just about everything at my finger tips. (The sewing table has great storage space for all those things I like to put my hands on quickly! Everything is at my fingertips!)
The spotlight was used in my sons room (under the bed in the play area) until my husband broke the attachement so I just taped it here for me to use and got my son another.
If I want to use the entire length of my desk or the "light box" (for those of you new to my posts you'll need to go to the archives to see how I have altered a sewing machine tabe into a scrapbooking table with inbuilt lightbox) I just move it along the wall a little more. Of course this can only be done after the kids go to bed and don't want to go through the backdoor but in summer this will mean I have a lovely cool area to scrap in at night.
The thing I like the most though is having the laundry sink right there. I use this alot when painting. I also find it great for washing my hands between tasks. By having the sink right there I tend to wash my hands more which cuts down on smudges and stuff. (I have a terrible habit when stamping of getting ink all over me).
I also find it is handy having the extra power points available to me. Now I can run my spotlight, my lightbox light and my heat gun all at the same time. I also find it is alot safer for my kids now when I set my heat gun up as it is on top of the washing machine well out of their reach. (I usually scrap after they've gone to bed but all the same if they got up to go to the toilet I'd hate them to touch the nozzle and get burnt.
I have alwasys usee the dryer to heat my house in winter, as it is pointless hanging the clothes on the line as they won't dry. So now when I scrapbook I do it in the warmest room in the house. This house is very small so running a load of clothes in the dryer is actually capable of warming the whole house up.
By being in the laundry I can now do the laundry while I scrap..... so of course I'm doing alot more laundry these days. lol
So you can see how even though I have a very small space to scrap in it is actually ideal for my needs. Everything at my finger tips!


Anonymous said…
i dont have a great space to scrap, all my stuff and tools in a box in cupboard understairs and when i want to scrap have to bring it all out on dining table, the light is good in summer and in the morning the morning sun comes that way, but evenings are bad for light!!! i wish i had a special room!!!
The Scrap Miser said…
Can you take over the whole of under the stairs and turn it into a scrap cupboard that fits you too? I'd love to do that! You'd need to make your own table and shelves and storage as everything you could buy would be too big but it would enable you to have EVERYTHING literally at your fingertips.

As much as having my scraptable in the laundry is working great for me I'd love an under the stairs cupboard!