School Holidays are upon us.

It's school holdiay time again. I love the school holidays. No rushing in the morning. I'm not constantly repeating myself.... brush your teeth, brush your teeth, get dressed, get dressed.... Anyway this holiday is nearly half way over all ready, I can't believe how fast time flies!... I did manage to organise an excellent play date this week. My daughter's friend and her little brother came over to play and her mum and I did some scrapbooking. It was alot of fun. Especially as the mum is new to scrapbooking so I mostly showed her how to do things. She hadn't seen stamping or heat embossing before so we did a bit of that. It was pretty cool! I was telling her though how lucky she is to start scrapbooking now as opposed to when I started. At that time there weren'tt any scrapbooking supplies in the department stores or the discount stores for that matter. I had to be alot more creative then to be a scrapmiser than I am now! It was good talking to her though about my tips for how best to spend your scrapping budget as it reminded me of a few areas I've slipped a bit in lately.

Having the packs of bulk papers available at the department stores is definitely a bonus and my first tip for new scrappers! I also still think the best thing you can spend your budget on is tools! This way you get the use of that one off spend over and over. I think buying in bulk whether its paper or buttons or embellishments is the way to go and think if you do this with a friend you will get the best of both worlds: the cheaper price for buying in bulk but only half the spend from your pocket plus you're not bogged down with too many of any one thing. One of the things I hate is having too many of something. Of course there are some supplies that you will use ALOT of... for me it's bling flowers, butterflies and jewels. I love them and can use them on nearly every layout but I can't use hundreds of little puffy hands... So unless a supply is something you definitely know you'll use alot of limit the number you keep. Perhaps you can swap your extras or put them on ebay? I've also learnt that unless you have a layout in mind it's best not to buy! For me I have a suplus of stickers. I've purchased lots of stickers that I liked alot when I saw them but i didn't really have a layout in mind for. So now they sit in my sticker stash taking up valuable space. Also if you're buying from ebay or some other online store it is best to only buy after you've done your research. How much does it cost at your LSS. And after you factor in the postage is it still a good deal? Know your prices before you bid!

My last tip is to make sure you go through your supplies regularly. Know what's there! This ensures you don't buy anything you don't need. It also helps when you're planning your layouts!

When I'm planning a layout I go through all my paper and pull out three or four different sets of papers. I then choose the one I like best and go with that. So all my papers are stored together in a box as it's pointless dividing them by colour or manufacturer when I move them around so much.


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