Reorganise your supplies to save money!

Well it's official "I have way too much STUFF"! Not that I'm complaining mind you. And I won't be suspending my shopping privileges any time soon. But during my quest to reorganise my house and get the most out of the tiny space available to me I have decided to move my scrapbooking stuff. This consists of one bookcase and one sewing table. While moving the contents of my bookcase from one bookcase to another (my old scrapbooking one is now my daughters and my new scrapbooking one was my sons) I have discovered supplies I had forgotten about.

It's great! The other thing I've enjoyed is organising everything into categories. I admit it I love to organise. I hate that moment before I begin the organising. That moment when the whole area (or in this case house) is a shambles. But I love it when it's finished! I've discovered long forgotten cotton crochet pieces my mum had done. (So I'll be going back over my memorial album and adding these... also I think my wedding album). Then I discovered a previously untapped supply of raw chipboard! Yeah!

While organising my stickers I was able to get a clearer picture of what I've actually got.

I think it's a great idea to do this every couple of months just so you always know what's hiding in your stash. That way when you sit down to do a layout you can plan it better and when you do go shopping you'll be sure not to buy anything you already have!