Make your own patterned paper

One of the things I love to do with my layouts is to have elements that match perfectly. I don't like having one element not match in well with the rest of the layout. This creates a focus on the page that isn't my photo. At the end of the day my layouts are done to compliment my photos but the photo is still the main focus. So when a paper or embellishment isn't in the right colour shade or the pattern doesn't match... it will stand out like you know what to me!

Also I hate it when I know what paper I want and I can't have it cause it doesn't exist. So in these cases I'l paint the pattern myself. In theabove examples I've used some foam stamps from Making Memories to create two papers that will co-ordinate with my layouts.

I also use only scrapbooking paints such as Making Memories brand when I do this as I know they are acid and lignin free. I think this is a very cheap way to get a unique look to your layouts. I buy the plain coloured paper in bulk packs and then stamp one piece or sponge it or even hand paint my pattern onto one piece. I then take another sheet in the same colour and use my embossing tool to create a textured piece of paper in the same colour. I've also had great success by painting a pink pattern onto white paper then texturing a piece of pink paper in the same shade as my paint. This looks great! Give it a try. My next challenge is to create a blue pattern like army fatigues to match my sons jeep.... mmm that might be a little more challenging we'll see how it turns out.